Magic Moments....

In the first summer break after my first year at University I returned home and decided to visit an old yoga class I used to attend before going away to study. I arrived early and was the only person in the hall for a few brief minutes before a very attractive woman walked in. Though unknown to me we both smiled and said Hello as if we knew each other. That familiar ease of recognition though we had never before met. An “eyes meeting across a crowded room moment”, or in this case an empty yoga hall.


The bond grew swiftly, we went for a drink one night and she asked to hold my hand as I walked her home…ahhhh. Something palpable, tangable was there from the very beginning. She had said she was sort of with someone but not really (if you ever hear that, alarms should be going off in your head). She invited me over one evening which she then cancelled at the last minute saying she could not go through with it. I returned to my studies, met someone else and came down with M.E. (I don’t think the girl was to blame, though a friend says differently).

I always stayed in touch with the yoga girl, just phone conversations for five years until in 2002 we met once more and it was as easy and natural, as meant as it was before. A year or so before she had told me she was now single and within two years of seeing each other again she announced that she felt the same way about me as I had always said I felt about her. See, there is such a thing as fate…lovely…(at this point imagine the needle scratching the romantic music lilting in the background to a screeching halt).

Three months later, during which we had got no closer, she made the biggest U-turn in history. She has messed me around and hurt me ever since, we are now down to an occasional text and I have not seen her for over three years, I know, good sense would say run a mile, well guess I hope to run about 300.

So much for magic moments. Souls being brought together and all that stuff. I had no doubt it had to mean something, but……..

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