Use of Holy Grail Imagery in Film
with particular reference to

The Fisher King
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade

The best films have something to say. We have always conveyed archetypal thoughts and lessons of life through storytelling, through mythology. Film is, undoubtedly, the most widespread and accessible medium to tell stories. When we use film to tell a myth, we create a strong moment of magic.

Myth is not fiction, mythology is a system to teach life's truths and one of the most powerful mythological tales in the Western World's collective unconscious is that of the Holy Grail.

This dissertation intends to explain the true meaning of the Grail story and it's continuing importance on our cultural psyche, with reference to a number of films in which the Grail Mythos appears.

The Fisher King

The Grail Story as related in Fisher King

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade